Alexis Wuillaume

Alexis Wuillaume is originally from Belgium. He has lived in New York, Paris and Singapore and in 2006 moved to Japan to study film directing. Influenced by his cinematography lecturer, Alexis became highly interested in lighting and photography. Over the years, he has made a name for himself shooting events in Tokyo's most famous clubs. His photos have been printed in various publications including The Japan Times and Wax Poetics.

He speaks French, English and Japanese.


ベルギー生まれ。写真家。ニューヨーク、パリ、シンガポールで暮らした後、2006年に映像学を学ぶため来日。その時の教授の影響で、写真と照明への関心を持つ。都内有数のクラブやイベントなどの撮影を手がけ、現在はファッションと音楽界に重点を置いたフリーランスフォトグラファーとして活動している。「The Japan Times」「Wax Poetics」等の雑誌に作品を掲載。






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